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Technical foams

We manufacture, die-cut and transform all kind of technical foams.

Technical foams

At Foamlandwe are experts in designing and transforming technical foams, cellular, spongy rubbers, and many other materials.

We directly work under specifications and strictly following our customer’s instructions. Likewise, we manufacture our own products to respond to and solve different existing needs, through all these materials.

On a daily basis we aim at becoming leaders in offering the best solutions through the technical foams, rubber, fabrics and many other kind of materials that provide added value to our current and future customers..


Range of materials we transform

Plastic foams such as the polyurethanes polyether and polyester-based, chemically and physically cross-linked polyethylene foams, PVC foams, of expanded polypropylene, of expanded polystyrene, melamine foams, cellular, spongy rubbers, and compacts in EPDM, SBR, NR, CR, NBR, silicone, EVA micro-porous rubber, fabrics, carpets, felts, bonded felts, of plastic or synthetic fibres, interfacing fabrics, plastic films, aluminium films, impregnated cardboard, double-sided adhesive tapes...


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