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Packaging products

We manufacture products for protection and packaging

Packaging products

At Foamland we have become one of the most respected brands in the sector of the packaging products, for the quality of our service and our items.

We are one of the leading industries in Spain regarding the manufacturing of packaging products and we have an increasingly active international presence. Our work philosophy is open, dynamic, flexible and innovative.


Bubble plastic

We manufacture bubble plastic (low-density polyethylene film, LDPE). It is a non-reactive chemical material, as well as non-irritating, biologically inert and completely recyclable.

We manufacture simple and triple bubbles of a choice in weight and colour. We laminate with Kraft paper, foam, ecolakraft, non-woven fabrics, low-pressure films... We also work with UVA additives, sliders, non-sliders and antistatic.



We manufacture complexes for thermal and acoustic insulations, laminating with aluminium, metallised, foam, Kraft paper and plastic.


Variety of products

We transform the bubble plastic into different productive processes. We make customised bags, customised formats, we die-cut, tubes, semi-tubes and small rolls.


All kind of packaging material

Stretch film, mini-film, cardboard, seal, envelopes, Kraft paper, corner brackets, strapping, staples...



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