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Our processes

Our processes

As manufacturers of adhesives sensitive to pressure (PSA), we master all the technologies that result from being manufacturers, but also transformers. Our daily goal is to respond both globally and technically to both our current and future customers' needs, by offering the highest standard of quality at the most economical price.


What processes do we master

  • Design and development of our own formulations.
  • Manufacturing acrylic adhesive tapes.
  • Adhesive direct induction on all kinds of materials.
  • Laminating all kind of materials, in roll, sheets, ...
  • Formatting rolls or coils.
  • Rewinding.
  • Cutting.
  • Separating.
  • Spool.
  • Die-cutting in rotation of specific shapes (large series).
  • Sandwich of different materials (films, foams, aluminium, rubber, heavy masses...).


Linked services

Laboratory equipped to carry out all kind of physical tests and/or mechanical, of temperature, of ageing.…



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