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Adhesive tapes

We are manufactures of adhesives tapes of different materials

Adhesive tapes

At Foamland we are manufacturers of adhesive tapes technical, of double-sided, acrylic and water based, in widths of up to 1,500mm. We can provide jumbos, coils, rolls...

Through our adhesive tapes we can meet an array of adhesive needs and respond to problems that exist on the market, providing at the same time added value to our own customers..


Our range of adhesive tapes

We manufacture transfer tapes with different weights, adhesive tapes with tissue support in different glue weights, adhesive tapes with mesh or fabric support, adhesive tapes with PET, PP, PVC plastic film support and in different glue weights, adhesive tapes with polyethylene foam support in different thicknesses, glue weights, colours... All this combined range with different protectors, such as paper or film.


Our services

  • We rewind
  • We separate
  • We cut
  • We laminate
  • We apply the adhesive directly on any support or material the customer themselves provide us with



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